Self made bespoke workbench with no frills and a heavy focus on functionality. If it doesn’t add a function, it does not get added. On the other side, if I need to add functionality I do not hesitate to do the addition.

An older build, but largely similar to the current build.

There is much to document on this, but for now some highlights:

  • Top layer on lazy-suzan style bearing
  • Lots of shelving
  • LEDs everywhere
  • Built-in 5.1 surround sound
  • 12v Power Distribution
  • Three main sides:
    • Main work area (photographed above)
    • Soldering area
    • Misc (currently used for home security cameras)
  • Integrated oscilliscope
  • Oversized breadboard things, one for AC and another for DC
  • Two Tesla coils
  • Extendable main power plug
  • Sits on multiple caster wheels for “portability”
    • estimated weight: 600lbs
    • not very portable