A place to detail my modifications and upgrades, and possibly some difficult repairs on my TJ.

The Jeep, as purchased. Fully stock. And boring.
The beast, hours after purchase. Boring, but full of potential.
Fairly current image
The beast, today

Aside from basic off-road focused upgrades, I’ve had a few unique ideas.

Wrangler Grille
Protect those lights!

The main reason for including this project here is the Raspberry Pi I’m using to add features. It sits in the glove box and uses the radio for display output.

OBD data read via bluetooth by the Pi, displayed on the radio screen.

Using code from my Github page this gathers data from the OBD system via bluetooth and does various things with it. I’ve tapped into the door sensors for push notifications on my phone when someone lets themselves in, and I’m using the TPS sensor data to generate artificial engine sounds in real time.

Also integrating a credit card skimmer to help warn me if the gas pump I’ve just pulled up to is infected ( from Github ).

I’m a fan of good lighting, so i’ve put a lot of LEDs inside. It now glows like a spaceship.

LEDs. LEDs everywhere.

So much more to do.