Halloween Zombie Projector

As viewed from the front yard.

Starting with a fresh installation of Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi 2 B, I had to modify /boot/config.txt to force composite mode instead of HDMI since neither of my projectors have a digital input. The changes I needed were:


Use any method you’d like to ensure the following command is ran at system boot. This ensures the video plays in fullscreen and loops a single file until the system is powered down:

mpv --fullscreen --loop-file=/home/pi/Videos/zombies.mp4

Now get it wired up:

Raspberry Pi wired to a projector
Obviously a less-than-ideal setup, but it works.

Point it at a window:

Projector pointed towards window (shades closed).
Projector pointed at the front window.

Kill the lights and enjoy.

Projected image from inside the house.

The source video of the zombies themselves was pulled from: